Completed PhD Candidates

Overview of completed PhD candidates, ordered by year.

2022 Willem van Eekelen Socio-Economic Development in the Rural Global South and the Role of Official Development Assistance – An evaluator’s narrative
2020 Rodrigo Mena Fluhmann Disasters in Conflict – Understanding disaster governance, response, and risk reduction
during high-intensity conflict in South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Yemen
2020 Samantha Melis Constructing disaster response governance
in post-conflict settings:
Contention, collaboration and compromise
2020 Isabelle Desportes Repression without Resistance
Disaster Responses in Authoritarian Low-intensity Conflict Settings
2019  Gloria Nguya Livelihood Strategies of Internally Displaced Persons in Urban Eastern DRC
2019 Luna Kc Ghimire Conflict, Disaster and Changing Gender Roles in Nepal: Women’s Everyday Experiences
2018  Bodille Arensman Negotiating effectiveness: The politics of results in advocacy for development and its evaluation
2018 Teddy Atim Looking Beyond Conflict: The Long-term Impact of Suffering War Crimes on Recovery in Post-conflict northern Uganda
2018 Jose A. Diemel Mining Reform, Governance and the State in the Democratic Republic of the Congo The traces ‘conflict-mineral’ policy left behind on natural resource governance in Katanga
2018 Annisa Gita Srikandini Politics of Disaster Risk Governance in Indonesia and Myanmar. A study into the dynamics of governance network on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
2017  Bwimana Aembe Networked Health Sector Governance and State-building Legitimacy in Conflict-affected Fragile States. The Variable Impact of Non-state Provision of Public Health Services in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
2017  Claude Iguma Wakenge Stadium Coltan – Artisanal Mining, Reforms and Social Change in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
2017 Gayathri Lokuge ‘Even fish have an ethnicity’: Livelihoods and Identities of Men and Women in War-affected Coastal Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
2017 Marie-Rose Bashwira Nenyezi Navigating obstacles, opportunities and reforms: Women’s lives and livelihoods in artisanal mining communities in eastern DRC
2014 Rens Twijnstra On the State of Business: Trade, Entrepreneurship and Real Economic Governance in South Sudan
2014 Winnie W. Wairimu Transition or stagnation? Everyday life, food security and recovery in post conflict northern Uganda
2014 Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa Community-driven reconstruction in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: capacity building, accountability, power, labour, and ownership
2014 Lotte Vermeij “The Bullets Sound Like Music To My Ears” Socialization of Child Soldiers within African Rebel Groups
2012 Aschale Siyoum Broken Promises: Food Security Interventions and Rural Livelihoods in Ethiopia
2012 Annelies Heijmans Risky encounters: Institutions and interventions in response to recurrent disasters and conflict
2012 Maliana Serrano Strengthening institutions or institutionalising weaknesses? Interactions between aid and institutions in Huíla Province, Angola
2011 Hilde van Dijkhorst Rural realities between crisis and normality; Livelihood strategies in Angola, 1975 – 2008
2011 Bram Jansen Creating space in a ‘naked city’: violence and identity in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
2011 Luís Artur Continuities in Crisis; everyday practices of disaster response and climate change adaptation in Mozambique
2008 Mathijs van Leeuwen Partners in peace: discourses and practices of civil-society peacebuilding
2008 Jeroen Warner The politics of flood insecurity: Framing contested river management projects
2006 Eliab Simpungwe Water, Stakeholders and Common Ground. Challenges for Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Water Resource Management in South Africa