Blogs and Op-Eds

I have produced a number of op-eds, for Trouw, Volkskrant, AD and others and regularly write blogs, for example for IRIN-news, the Oxfam blog and the blog of ALNAP. Since 2018, I am a regular blogger for BLISS, the blog of ISS for global development and social justice. I aim to present an honest and realistic image of the wicked problems of fragility, the everyday practices of aid, and the messy realities of international relations.

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Most recent op-eds and blogs:

8 March 2022 Humanitarian implications of sanctions to end the war in Ukraine  with Rodrigo Mena
27 February 2022 Rethinking Transactional Sex in Humanitarian Settings: Reflections for the way forward with Clea Kahn, Michelle Alm Engvall, Shirin Heidari, Megan Denise Smith ISS Blog
2 December 2021

Keeping Africans out: Injustice following wilful neglect and the politicization of Covid-19 measures with Rodrigo Mena

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