Blogs and op-eds in English 

List of blogs and op-eds in English

Date Title & Link Medium
8 March 2022 Humanitarian implications of sanctions to end the war in Ukraine with Rodrigo Mena
27 February 2022 Rethinking Transactional Sex in Humanitarian Settings: Reflections for the way forward with Clea Kahn, Michelle Alm Engvall, Shirin Heidari, Megan Denise Smith  ISS Blog
 2 December 2021 Keeping Africans out: Injustice following wilful neglect and the politicization of Covid-19 measures with Rodrigo Mena ISS Blog
10 June 2021 How Europe’s (anti-)migration policies are fuelling a humanitarian crisis with Susanne Jaspars ISS Blog
4 May 2021 More ticking of boxes won’t make aid more accountablet The New Humanitarian
13 February 2020 Positioning Academia – Let’s talk about it: embedding research communication in transformative research ISS Blog
19 November 2020 The asylum procedure as a hope-generating machine ISS Blog
18 September 2020 Moria’s male refugees need help just as much as anyone else ISS Blog
18 August 2020 Fighting racism and decolonizing humanitarian studies: toward mindful scholarship  PRIO Blogs
20 May 2020 Remote research in times of COVID-19: considerations, techniques, and risks – with Rodrigo Mena ISS Blog
12 November 2019 Counter-terrorism laws are undermining humanitarian relief, and are set to get worse today – with Isabelle Desportes OXFAM blogs
29 July 2019 Food security, agricultural policies and economic growth through the eyes of Niek Koning ISS Blog
24 May 2019 What has happened with the academic commitments at the WHS? – with Leonard van Duijn  ALNAP blogs
26 April 2019 Venezuelan refugees on Curaçao have entered the Kingdom of the Netherlands! – with Peter Heintze and Dennis Dijkzeul ISS Blog
4 February 2019 The effect of Bolsonaro’s rhetoric on Brazil’s indigenous peoples ISS Blog
3 December 2018 The battle for Zwarte Piet: Everyday racism in the Netherlands ISS Blog
17 October 2018 Is Flying the new Smoking? If so, should aid workers stop flying?Is Flying the new Smoking? If so, should aid workers stop flying? Oxfam Novib Blogs
25 August 2018 (Re-)Shaping Boundaries in Crisis and Crisis Response: introducing the 2018 International Humanitarian Studies Association Conference ISS Blog
7 March 2018 Challenging humanitarianism beyond gender as women and women as victims with Dorothea Hilhorst, Holly Porter and Rachel Gordon ISS Blog
22 February 2018 Aid agencies can’t police themselves. It’s time for a change The New Humanitarian
5 January 2018 How to make sure that research has a durable impact? Examples from DRC by Dorothea Hilhorst and Adriaan Ferf ISS Blog
30 November 2018 How can Universities get more activists to take-up their research? Oxfam Novib Blogs
2 May 2017 A double message about safety and security for field research: “Protection is crucial” and “Don’t overdo it” PRIO Blogs
27 October 2017 Emergency sexwork: should NGOs recognize transactional sex as livelihood strategy? ISS Blog
1 November 2017 Conflicts and disasters: an integrated debate for peacebuilding and development. Rodrigo Mena, Dorothea Hilhorst, Samantha Melis International Peace Research Association Newsletter
20 May 2016 ALNAP blogs
2 April 2015 ALNAP blogs
4 June 2011 Aid workers The Broker
2 June 2011 A meeting place at last The Broker
6 May 2010 Weather insurance – subsidizing large famers? The Broker
16 April 2010 Stranded in Addis Abeba The Broker
24 April 2010 Africa Day The Broker
13 November 2009 Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars The Broker
11 December 2009 Hillary Clinton and Amartya Sen on food security
The Broker
9 December 2009 The secret of social change after disaster
The Broker
22 November 2009 Silence around the food summit
The Broker
7 November 2009 Corruption in Afghanistan, or the hypocrisy of international politics The Broker
10 October 2009 A visit to Hebron – seen it with my own eyes The Broker
6 September 2009 Safety net programming in Ethiopia. Disillusion in the making? The Broker
28 July 2009 Cracks in the bastion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Broker
24 June 2009 Trust, lost and found The Broker
21 June 2009 Civic driven change in fragile states The Broker
18 June 2009 Disaster IT once more: the Weather Information for All Initiative The Broker
17 June 2009 Grassroots IT solutions to disasters The Broker
16 June 2009 World Disaster Report 2009: A huge death toll The Broker
4 June 2009 What’s a donor? The Humanitarian Response Index The Broker
20 May 2009 Development risks: Education in Rwanda The Broker
14 May 2009 Good dogs don’t bark at night The Broker
7 May 2009 Welcome to my blog The Broker