My contribution to research uptake is multi-faceted. My research is interactive, and hence builds in research uptake in the design of the research wherever possible.  This is coupled to the drafting of ‘uptake policies’ at the beginning of projects.

I have taken many initiatives to advance dialogue between academic and policy/practitioner worlds.  I was one of the founding members of KUNO, the exchange platform for humanitarian action with 11 NGOs and 5 academic institutes. I also co-founded the International Humanitarian Studies Association that is one of the few associations with a mixed membership.

I visit several conferences each year to present my research. You can find the full list under this link.

I often have speaking engagements in public, ranging from local Rotary clubs to a parliamentary hearing on abuse of aid in 2018, and a presentation of her work for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations, in 2016. For an overview, see below.

I am pro-active in research communication and social influence. Key-findings of research programmes are as much as possible translated in research briefs (see for examples:  the project page of ‘When Disaster Meets Conflict‘).

I have had numerous appearances in the media (TV, radio, newspapers, web). Find an overview of media highlights under the button below.