When Disaster meets Conflict

Title When Disaster meets Conflict
Funded by NWO, personal VICI grant
Collaboration International Institute of Social Studies – Erasmus University of Rotterdam
Time 2015-2020
Brief Description The core of the research consists of case studies in conflict countries where disasters occur, and we seek to understand how the politicization of disaster response affects the legitimacy, power and relations between governance actors.
Co-Researchers 1 post doc: Roanne van Voorst
3 PhD researchers:
Isabelle Desportes
Samantha Melis
Rodrigo Mena
Website https://www.iss.nl/en/research/research-projects/when-disaster-meets-conflict
Key Publications Desportes, I., Mandefro, H., & Hilhorst, D.J.M. (2019). The Humanitarian theatre: Drought response during Ethiopia’s low-intensity conflict of 2016 Journal of Modern African Studies57(1), 1–29.

Brauch, H.G., Oswald Spring, U., Collins, A., Serrano Oswald, S.E. (Eds.) (2019) Change, Disasters, Sustainability Transition and Peace in the Anthropocene . Springer’.

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van Voorst, R.S. & Hilhorst, D.J.M (2017). Humanitarian action in disaster and conflict settings. Insights of an expert panel.

Earthquake Nepal – Photo credit: Samantha Melis