Villagisation in Rwanda

Title Villagisation in Rwanda
Collaboration Dutch Embassy in Rwanda
Co-Researcher Mathijs van Leeuwen
Brief Description At the invitation of the Dutch embassy in Rwanda we conducted a low-key research into the ongoing villagization programme that the Rwandese government had started after the 1994 genocide
Key Output Hilhorst, D. and  M. van Leeuwen (1999) Villagisation in Rwanda: A case of Emergency Development? Disaster Sites, no. 2, Wageningen Disaster Studies

Hilhorst, D. and M. van Leeuwen (2000). “Emergency and Development: the Case of Imidugudu, Villagisation in Rwanda”, Journal of Refugee Studies, Vol. 13, no. 3, 264-280

Hilhorst, D. and M. van Leeuwen (2004) “Rethinking the Relation Between Relief and Development: Villagisation in Rwanda”. In: Ph. Essed, G. Frerks, and J. Schrijvers (eds.) Refugees and the Transformation of Societies, Oxford: Berghahn Publishers,  179-189