Research Team

Current PhD students and post-docs that I supervise at the International Institute of Social Studies – Erasmus University of Rotterdam

rodRodrigo Mena Fluhmann
is a socio-environmental researcher and consultant, working on resilience and vulnerability to disasters and conflict, as well as on humanitarian aid governance and applied fieldwork research. Experience conducting fieldwork in conflict and disaster zones, like South Sudan, Chile and Afghanistan. Have worked in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Currently, he is involved in the project “When disasters meet conflict” at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. His primary focus is on humanitarian aid response to disasters occurring in high-intensity conflict-affected scenarios. More information.

roanneRoanne van Voorst
is a postdoctoral researcher, involved in the research project ”When disaster meets conflict. Disaster response of humanitarian aid and local state and non-state institutions in different conflict scenarios”.

She has a background in anthropology and development; her main research interests focus on natural hazard, poverty and humanitarian aid. In 2014 she obtained her PhD (with distinction) at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR) on responses of slum dwellers in Jakarta, Indonesia to the risks of recurrent floods and evictions. She has also done research on the social effects of climate changes in Greenland. Furthermore, she has worked as a consultant for the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) on a research project on urbanization, governance and international development. More information.

samantha_melisSamantha Melis 
is a PhD candidate involved in the research project on disaster response in complex scenarios.

She has both research and professional experience in (post)conflict countries, working as a Programme Advisor for ZOA in Burundi for three years, coordinating an impact-evaluation research in Liberia and conducting research in the Palestinian Terroritories on water as a source of mobilization and dissent. She has further been involved in short-term work for the Palestinian Hydrology Group in Ramallah and The Carter Center in Atlanta.

She has an interdisciplinary academic background: BA Liberal Arts and Sciences, MA Conflict Studies and Human Rights and MSc Cultures and Development Studies. More information.

isabelleIsabelle Desportes
is a PhD candidate working on the governance of disaster response, in particular the role played by local actors.

She has an interdisciplinary background in Geography (B.Sc., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and International Development Studies (M.Sc., Universiteit van Amsterdam). Active in the fields of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and community resilience, Isabelle has previously carried out applied research missions in South East Europe, South Africa and Ethiopia for UNDP, the City of Cape Town, the African Centre for Cities, the University of Groningen and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. She has moreover worked on climate change for the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent, and for French grassroots organizations. More information.

Raimond Duijsens

Jimmy Maguru

Mausumi Chetia

Saba Al Kuntar

Summer Brown

Past PhD Students at Wageningen University as Special Chair Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction
Overview of completed PhD projects, ordered by date of defence.

1 July 14 Rens Twijnstra On the State of Business: Trade, Entrepreneurship and Real Economic Governance in South Sudan
20 June 2014 Winnie W. Wairimu Transition or stagnation? Everyday life, food security and recovery in post conflict northern Uganda
11 March 2014 Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa Community-driven reconstruction in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: capacity building, accountability, power, labour, and ownership
20 January 2014 Lotte Vermeij “The Bullets Sound Like Music To My Ears” Socialization of Child Soldiers within African Rebel Groups
17 September 2012 Aschale Siyoum Broken Promises: Food Security Interventions and Rural Livelihoods in Ethiopia
8 May 2012 Annelies Heijmans Risky encounters: Institutions and interventions in response to recurrent disasters and conflict
30 January 2012 Maliana Serrano Strengthening institutions or institutionalising weaknesses? Interactions between aid and institutions in Huíla Province, Angola
6 December 2011 Hilde van Dijkhorst Rural realities between crisis and normality; Livelihood strategies in Angola, 1975 – 2008
27 April 2011 Bram Jansen Creating space in a ‘naked city’: violence and identity in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
12 April 2011 Luís Artur Continuities in Crisis; everyday practices of disaster response and climate change adaptation in Mozambique
20 June 2008 Mathijs van Leeuwen Partners in peace: discourses and practices of civil-society peacebuilding
18 March 2008 Jeroen Warner The politics of flood insecurity: Framing contested river management projects
19 December 2006 Eliab Simpungwe Water, Stakeholders and Common Ground. Challenges for Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Water Resource Management in South Africa