Records and Reputations. Everyday Politics of a Philippine Development NGO

Title Aid under fire: people, principles and practices of humanitarian aid in Angola
Funded by Wageningen University – rural development sociology group
Time 1993-2000
Brief Description This was my PhD project, based on three years of fieldwork in the Cordillera of the Philippines. It aimed to understand the gaps in claims and practices of development NGOs, at a time when NGOs were still seen as the saviours and sources of hope for an otherwise disappointing development process. Empirically rooted, it provided a theoretically innovative understanding of the everyday politics, actual internal workings, organizational practices and discursive repertoires of this kind of organization. I developed a model of NGOs not as clearcut organizations, but often with several different faces, fragmented, and consisting of social networks whose organizing practices remain in flux.
Researcher Dorothea Hilhorst
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