Policy Advice and Consultancies

I have maintained a flow of advisory functions and contract researches. Current engagements concern the development of a research centre for gender and development in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, the selection of the new Lobby and Advocacy partnerships of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the organisation of an international conference in Addis Ababa, and research on responses to sexual violence in Congo.

nieuwsuurSince 2005, I have had many public engagements, ranging from parliamentary hearings to speeches at local Rotary clubs. I have ample media experience, with 28 TV interviews, over 100 radio appearances and numerous interviews in newspapers and contributions to op-eds and blogs. I aim to present an honest and realistic image of the wicked problems of fragility, the everyday practices of aid, and the messy realities of international relations.

     –      Lead researcher scoping study of international aid Ombuds, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

2014      –      Member of the selection committee for the ‘lobby and advocacy call’ 2015-2020, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands, 2 months.

2014      –      Co-founder of Centre for Gender Studies in Bukavu, DRC, at the Institut Supérieur de Développement Rural.

2014      –      Workshops and paper on ‘Dutch humanitarian aid, now and in the future’, preparation for Netherlands Humanitarian Summit, 2015.

2014     –      Research into the social side-effects of international attention to gender-based violence in DRC, 2 months, funded by DFID and Social Sceince Research Council, New York

2014     –      Academic writing, intensive training in Nepal to 5 international researchers belonging to the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, one week.

2014     –     Qualitative methodology training, Center for Poverty Analysis, Sri Lanka, 1 day.

2013     –     Mapping the women’s movement in Eastern DRC, 3 weeks, Case study for MFS-II evaluation on International Lobby and Advocacy, and MFS-II evaluation of DRC programme.

2012     –      Transport and livelihoods in post-conflict Eastern DRC, 2 week research, Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium

2012    –     Research training in Sri Lanka to 20 international researchers belonging to the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, 2 weeks

2011     –       Consultation of key actors on research, research needs and the organisation of research in DRC, 2 weeks, for the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium

2008 – 2011  –  Co-investigator Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded research projects Knowledge network Peace, Security and Development on service delivery in fragile states (Principal investigator of DRC and Nepal case studies)

2007 – 2009  –   Principal investigator Peer review on humanitarian aid; PSO funded interactive research project with case studies in 5 countries

2009     –      Micro-finance after disaster in Sri Lanka. Consultancy, ICCO.

2007    –       Advisory trip opinion makers and journalists in Afghanistan with Dick Berlijn, Chief of Defence, Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

2005-2007   –  Adviser tsunami response, Consortium Humanitarian Agencies Sri Lanka, part-time, seconded by Oxfam Novib

2005     –      MFA/ IOB, evaluation humanitarian assistance (DRC, Darfur)

2004     –      10 years Code of Conduct, research and organisation international conference, Netherlands Red Cross/ PSO/ MoFA

2004     –     Beyond Conflict: Peacebuilding Practices in the Great Lakes Region (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda), contract research, Cordaid

2003      –    Training participatory research methodology, ZOA refugee care Nyamata, Rwanda

2003     –     Evaluation North Iraq programme, Cordaid.

2001     –     Gender and demobilization in Eritrea, consultancy for Worldbank/ UNDP