Lobby and advocacy in the Dutch co-financing programme

Title Lobby and advocacy in the Dutch co-financing programme
Funded by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, WOTRO
Collaboration Wageningen University – Centre for Development InnovationThe UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Time 2012-2015
Brief Description This concerned an academic evaluation of the results of the international lobbying and advocacy programmes of the Dutch Co-Financing System (MFS II) between 2011-2015. MFS II has been the 2011-2015 grant framework for Co-Financing Agencies (CFAs), comprising a total of 20 alliances of Dutch CFAs. From 2016-2020, the MFSII was followed by ‘Dialogue and Dissent’, a Dutch co-financing programme focusing entirely on lobby and advocacy. We also performed a baseline study for this programme.
Main co-researchers Margit van Wessel, Jennifer Barrett, Bodille Arensman, Cornélie van Waegeningh, Marie-Rose Bashwira, Elisabeth Rasch, Lau Schulpen, Kees Biekart
Key Publications Van Wessel, M, D. Hilhorst, L. Schulpen, K. Biekart (2019) Government and civil society organizations: Close but comfortable? Lessons from creating the Dutch ‘Strategic Partnerships for Lobby and Advocacy’ In Development Policy Review doi: 10.1111/dpr.12453  [check er is een url, open access]

Jennifer B. Barrett, Margit van Wessel and Dorothea Hilhorst (2016) Advocacy for Development. Effectiveness, Monitoring and Evaluation. E-book, 91 pages.

Hilhorst D. and R. Bashwira (2014) The Women’s Movement in South Kivu, DRC: A civil society analysis. Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction Occasional Paper #11, Wageningen University and Research Center, 62 pp.

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Barrett, J et al (2013) MFS-II Joint Evaluation of International Lobby and Advocacy, 226 pp excluding annexes