Linking food aid and food security in Ethiopia


Title Linking food aid and food security in Ethiopia
Funded by NWO
Collaboration Disaster Studies at Wageningen University; Bahir Dar University
Time 2008-2013
Brief Description This research program aimed to contribute to ongoing reforms in food aid and food security policies through studying the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) and surrounding food security policies in Ethiopia. Since 1984, annually more than 5 million people have received food aid in this country, creating a situation of chronic food insecurity. The new Food Security Policy had the double aim to protect people against hunger and asset depletion, and lift them out of poverty. It was a joint initiative of the Government of Ethiopia and the international community.
Researchers Dr. A. Dagnachew Siyoum, Dr. A. Pankhurst PhD, Dr. J.G. van Uffelen
Key Publications

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