Everyday politics of livelihoods and services in DRC

Title Everyday politics of livelihoods and services in DRC/ consortium capacity development coordinator Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda
Funded by DFID
Collaboration International Institute of Social Studies – Erasmus University of Rotterdam,  Overseas Development Institute; Wageningen University, The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Time 2012-2017
Brief Description The Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC) was an eight year global research programme exploring livelihoods, basic services and social protection in conflict-affected situations. SLRC was established in 2011 with the aim of strengthening the evidence base and informing policy and practice around livelihoods and services in conflict.

I coordinated the DRC programme, including a gender component, and supervised 4 PhD candidates as part of the programme: Gayathri Lokuge; Aembe Bwimana; Teddy Atim; and Gloria Nguya

Co-researchers DRC Aembe Bwimana; Adriaan Ferf; Gloria Nguya; Bart Weijs; Carolien Jacobs
Website https://securelivelihoods.org
Key Publications D. Hilhorst, H. Porter and R. Gordon (2018). Disasters Special Issue: Gender, Sexuality, And Violence In Humanitarian Crises. Secure Livelihoods.

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Formson, C. and D. Hilhorst (2016) The many faces of transactional sex: Women’s agency, livelihoods and risk factors in humanitarian contexts: A Literature Review. SLRC working paper, 20pp  https://securelivelihoods.org/publication/the-many-faces-of-transactional-sex-women%c2%92s-agency-livelihoods-and-risk-factors-in-humanitarian-contexts-a-literature-review/

Hilhorst D. and R. Bashwira (2016) Le mouvement des femmes au Sud-Kivu, République démocratique du Congo. Une analyse de la société civile. (translation from Hilhorst and Bashwira 2014). Occasional Paper #11, Wageningen University and Research Center, 62 pp.

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