IS academy Human Security in Fragile States


Title Director IS academy Human Security in Fragile States
Funded by MoFA and 5 Netherlands-based NGOs
Collaboration Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid Department | Disaster Studies, Wageningen University | International Institute of Social Studies | Cordaid | ICCO | Oxfam Novib | The Netherlands Red Cross | ZOA | Maastricht School of Management | Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht University | IOB Institute of Development Policy and Management, Universiteit Antwerpen
Time 2011-2014
Brief Description I was the director of the IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States, which aimed to better understand the processes of socio-economic recovery and the roles of formal and informal institutions in conditions of state fragility. The IS Academy was a collaborative project between research institutes, the Ministry, and five major Dutch NGOs.

The programme comprised several PhD trajectories, partner research and a number of shorter term research projects. The research was geared towards cross-fertilizing exchange between the domains of policy, practitioners and academia in the field of socioeconomic recovery in fragile states.

Researchers Co-Researchers: Gemma van der Haar; Bart Weijs
PhD Candidates: Raimond Duijsens; Rens Twijnstra; Lotte Vermeij; Winnie Wairimu
Key Publications Hilhorst, D, B. Weijs and G. van der Haar (2017, eds) People, Aid and Institutions in Socio-Economic Recovery. Facing Fragilities. London, Earthscan/Routledge

Wairimu, I Christoplos and D. Hilhorst (2015) ‘From crisis to development: the policy and practice of agricultural service provision in northern Uganda’ in: Agriculture and Human Values Journal of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society; Vol 32, no. 4.

Kyamusugulwa, P.M and D, Hilhorst (2015) Power Holders and Social Dynamics of Participatory Development and Reconstruction: Cases from the Democratic Republic of Congo. World Development Vol. 70, pp. 249–259

Kyamusugulwa, P.M, D, Hilhorst and G. Van Der Haar (2014) Capacity builders for governance: community-driven reconstruction in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Development in Practice, 24:7, 812-826, DOI: 10.1080/09614524.2014.944484.

Hilhorst, D, I. Christoplos and G. van der Haar (2011) ‘Reconstruction from Below. Magic Bullet or Shooting from the Hip?’ Third World Quarterly 31: 7, 1107-1124

More information Keynote speech by Gary Milante (SIPRI): ‘A Few Reflections on Security and Development Matters: Linking Research to Policy’, at “Facing Fragilities: people, aid and institutions in socio-economic recovery”, the final conference of the IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States, held on September 11, 2014 in the Royal Theatre in The Hague. (see below)