Current PhD Candidates

hayaHaya AlFarra Decolonizing Humanitarianism: A Diaspora Humanitarian Perspective: The Case of Palestinian German Diaspora Organisations’ Response to the Humanitarian Situation in the Gaza Strip
Anne BrinkmanAnne Do we practice what we preach? Strengthening diversity in development policy, programming and implementation
ji_500kbHyeonggeun Ji Humanitarian governance: accountability, advocacy, alternatives
gabiGabriela Villacis Izquierdo Humanitarian governance, feminism and advocacy ‘from below’
balt Marije Balt Youth agency, state power and governance: paradoxes in EU foreign policy in Africa
Raimond Duijsens Humanitarian challenges of urbanization for the Red Cross
Jimmy Maguru Governance of adolescent reproductive health services in refugees’ context:  a comparative study of two refugee nationalities in Uganda
Mausumi Chetia On the run at home: The Everyday Human Security of Riverbank Erosion-induced Displaced People in Assam, India
Summer Brown Convergence and divergence in humanitarian and peacebuilding interventions from a local actor perspective
Saba Al Kuntar Ways to Survive, Hurdles to Cross: Refugee Entrepreneurship and Networking in Precarity