Community-based disaster risk reduction in Indonesia and Afghanistan


Title Community-based disaster risk reduction in Indonesia and Afghanistan
Funded by OxfamNovib/ ICCO and KerkinActie
Collaboration Wageningen University
Time 2006-2012
Brief Description This research focused on local level responses to recurrent small scale disasters and conflict in Afghanistan, Indonesia and the Philippines. In the case of small disasters, affected people largely rely on their own resources to cope with adversity. The research looked into the meaning and everyday politics of community-based disaster risk reduction processes facilitated by local NGOs.

Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction
The research was an interactive programme, sponsored by, designed and implemented with Oxfam Novib and ICCO/ Kerkinactie, who wished to explore the potential of community-based DRR (CBDRR) approaches. In collaboration with local NGOs, CBDRR was piloted in a total of 44 villages. The research considers the multi-level institutions through which meaning and implementation of CBDRR policy are negotiated and transformed, from the conceptual policy design stage until the arena where decisions on risk solutions and resource allocation are made.

Researchers PhD candidate: Annelies Heijmans
Supervisor Dorothea Hilhorst
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