Beyond Conflict: Peacebuilding Practices in the Great Lakes Region (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda)

Collaboration/Funding Cordaid
Co-Researcher Nynke Douma
Brief Description This concerned a contract research assigned by Cordaid to review their peacebuilding work in the Great Lakes region, in particular to evaluate the added value and feasibility of working at the regional level. As part of the project a capacity development workshop was held in Burundi with participants of the three countries.
Key Output Douma, N, and D. Hilhorst (2004). Beyond Conflict: Peacebuilding Practices of Cordaid The Hague, Cordaid, 69 pages

Douma, N. and D. Hilhorst (2006). ‘Are we making a difference?’ Cordaid policy and practice in addressing complex political emergencies: the case of Sudan. In B. Schennink and G. van der Haar (Eds.), Working on Peace-Building and Conflict Prevention: Experiences and dilemmas of Dutch NGOs. Amsterdam: Dutch University Press, 47-84