Other Academic Work

Editorial work and memberships

I am an international fellow of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, and have been a visiting professor at the London School of Economics (2017) and Columbia University (2009). I am also a board member of the International Institute of Asia Studies.

Together with Alex de Waal, I chair the editorial board of Routledge Humanitarian Studies, and I am an advisory board member of the journals of: Journal of Disaster Prevention and Management; Politics and Governance, Humanitarian Affairs and Third World Thematics.


I have directed three international conferences of the International Humanitarian Studies Association and convened 17 panels at international conferences, among others of the Development Studies Association, the European Association of Development Institutes, the Philippine Studies Association. I have organised several international workshops leading to edited volumes, and I have edited six special issues. Two of these are ongoing: Migration and Humanitarianism for International Migration, with Susanne Jaspars, and Disaster Politics Governance for Politics and Governance, with Kees Boersma and Emmanuel Raju.

Reviewing activities

I have been part of the visitation review committees of three universities (National University of Rwanda, Butare, 2012; International Institute of Social Studies/Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2013; and the Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 2018). I was a board member of WOTRO Science for Global Development of the Dutch Research Council (2009–2015) and of NORGLOBAL of the Norwegian Research Council (2011–2014). I served on selection committees for the Danish Research Council’s humanities research grant (2018) and the Dutch Research Council’s personal VIDI grants (2019). I have examined many PhD dissertations, most recently in January 2019, at the London School of Economics, where I examined the PhD of Nimesh Dunghana on  The politics of citizen-centric governance in post-earthquake Nepal. (Unpublished PhD thesis). I have also reviewed articles for a wide range of journals, this year Current Sociology; Ethics and International Affairs; Gender, Space and Culture; Intervention and State Building; Journal of Humanitarian Action; Security Dialogue and Third World Thematics.